quasi rent

quasi rent
: revenue in excess of cost received from a service other than land use

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  • Quasi-rent — is an analytical term in economics, for the income earned, in excess of post investment opportunity cost, by a sunk cost investment. Alfred Marshall (1842 1924) was the first to observe quasi rents. In general, an economic rent is the difference… …   Wikipedia

  • quasi-rent — noun The income earned, in excess of post investment opportunity cost, by a sunk cost investment …   Wiktionary

  • rent — rent1 rentability, n. rentable, adj. /rent/, n. 1. a payment made periodically by a tenant to a landlord in return for the use of land, a building, an apartment, an office, or other property. 2. a payment or series of payments made by a lessee to …   Universalium

  • Economic rent — is the difference between what a factor of production is paid and how much it would need to be paid to remain in its current use.There are multiple mechanisms that can create economic rent: political contrivance, network effect, monopoly power,… …   Wikipedia

  • Resource rent — In economics, rent is a surplus value after all costs and normal returns have been accounted for, i.e. the difference between the price at which an output from a resource can be sold and its respective extraction and production costs, including… …   Wikipedia

  • Natural monopoly — A monopoly describes a situation where all (or most) sales in a market are undertaken by a single firm. A natural monopoly by contrast is a condition on the cost technology of an industry whereby it is most efficient (involving the lowest long… …   Wikipedia

  • Positional good — Positional goods are products and services whose value is mostly (if not exclusively) a function of their ranking in desirability, in comparison to substitutes. The extent to which a good s value depends on such a ranking is referred to as its… …   Wikipedia

  • Principles of Economics (Marshall) — Principles of Economics [cite book |title=Principles of Economics| last=Marshall |first=Alfred| authorlink=Alfred Marshall |edition=Revised Edition |year=1920 |location=London |publisher=Macmillan; reprinted by Prometheus Books |isbn=1573921408]… …   Wikipedia

  • КВАЗИРЕНТА — (quasi rent) Плата за эксплуатацию производственного фактора, которая в среднесрочном периоде выглядит как рента (rent). Если рента уплачивается за пользование землей, т.е. за эксплуатацию природного ресурса, то квазирента – это плата за… …   Экономический словарь

  • Экономическая рента — ECONOMIC RENT Плата за использование того или  иного  фактора  производства,  превосходящая  минимальную плату за отказ от его использования альтернативным образом.             Эта минимальная плата известна под названием  «альтернативный доход»… …   Словарь-справочник по экономике

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